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About Us

In today’s day and age there is no industry which has not been disrupted by internet, or perhaps there is no we are talking about space technology or colonization of Mars, we are talking about used heavy equipment and machinery market across world. With huge demand for airport infrastructure, railways, roads, sanitation facilities, urban and rural housing, office spaces, agriculture machinery and numerous other projects.

Ironlist is one of the fastest growing online aggregator of sales and auction platform for used Heavy equipment and Machinery in India for sectors like construction, transportation, agriculture, energy, oil and gas, mining, and forestry worldwide.

IronList is on a mission to build the best search and discovery platform for the heavily fragmented $1 trillion used equipment & heavy machinery industry for our many users including vendors, contractors, construction and pipeline companies etc. It will be our first' of many more related technology-enabled services that are going to be launch, we have been now in development for over a year and have built a fully functioning product with a goal to create a competitive place and benchmarks in this business worldwide.

Our well-integrated teams of experts, which tracks and delivers multiple search & discovery solutions for customers across many industries – helping farmers grow, truckers move product and contractors build. the sustainable performance of the organisation and its inter-connectedness with overall performance, represents how Ironlist is and will be adding value to its stakeholders.

We are now focussed on building platforms that will herald the Fourth Industrial Revolution and will create opportunities and avenues in future for all .


Ironlist is one of the fastest online B2B and B2C marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers globally on the website that focuses on providing a platform to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Large Enterprises as well as individuals across the world for used heavy machinery and equipment covering various core industries.

Ironlist For BuyersIronlist for Sellers
Convenience of connecting with sellers anytime, anywhereEnhanced business visibility around the globe
Wider marketplace with a range of products and suppliersIncreased credibility for your brand & business
Expert recommendations for personalized experienceAI-ML based algorithm system to support your smooth process
Core Values:
  • Integrity

    We believe in considerations and activities involving doing right things and in all conditions; regardless of whether anybody is watching or not or what the outcomes are. It is respecting one's duties and being responsible for one's activities, from start to finish.

  • Excellence

    Usually excellence means surpassing the quality and standards and delivering extra-ordinary outcomes and each and every team member of Ironlist agrees and always try to achieve the same. As excellence should not be act it should be the habit.

  • Equality

    Creating Fairness and Care towards all fellow members is an essential understanding that we try to develop by linking the threads of equality into the day to day fabric, ensuring fairness for each and every individual. Empathic care recognises needs and aspirations of all. Only such fairness and care eventually lead fellow members to the dawn of eternal success.

  • Transparency

    Transparency implies openness. Openness that builds enduring trust. It encourages more informed decision making and aids in creating enduring trust among all our employees, clients and stakeholders.


IronList’s mission is to create a platform/website and organize the information for used equipment and heavy machinery and make it globally available to everyone.


To be the leading organization for used equipment and machinery in the world by delivering most innovative & interactive outcome to everyone associated with us.