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About Cable Plows

Cable and reel trailers, often known as simply reel trailers or cable trailers (depending on the manufacturer, dealer, or seller), typically have two or four wheels on a single or double axle, as well as a fixed neck. These trailers are commonly used to haul and install cable, as well as for utilities and other purposes.

Cable trailers or Spool reel trailers are the most effective means of carrying material reels. That material is frequently wiring, although it can also be used to transport other materials on a reel. The simplest cable trailer is a short triangular shaped trailer with two wheels in the back. Despite its plain appearance and simplistic design, some models can transport up to 8,000 pounds of material. They're also available with electric brakes and a solar charging system.

There is also a triple reel cable trailer, which is a larger choice. A triple reel is usually required for larger construction sites with a lot of utility wire to be done. They might have an air tank on the hitch to help with the air brake system. They have a carrying capacity of 15,000 pounds and can haul multiple reels, just like the double reel trailer. The triple trailer, unlike the double trailer, usually has a cage-like frame that protects the reels.

The cable trailer family also includes coil pipe trailers. These are specialty trailers that are intended for use in a large city. They're approximately the length of a pickup truck, but they're a lot smaller to squeeze coil reels into busy city streets Find the right used Cable Reel Trailers from Popular manufacturers available for sale on which includes Hogg & Davis, Sherman Reily, Butler, JTC, Reelmaster, Slabach etc from vendors like Ritchie Bros Auctioneers, PurpleWave Auctions, WSM Auctioneers etc.