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About Buoy

Used Boat Anchors

An anchor is a device, usually made of metal, that is secured to a ship or boat by a cable or chain and lowered to the seabed to hold the vessel in place by sinking into the seafloor with a fluke or pointed projection.

Used Boat Engines

An outboard motor is a type of boat propulsion system that consists of a self-contained unit with an engine, gearbox, propeller, or jet drive that is mounted on the outside of the transom. They are the most prevalent form of motorised propulsion for small boats.

Used Ship Winches

A winch is a device that adjusts the tension of a rope, wire, or cable by reeling it in, letting it out, or both. Multiple winches are used on boats and ships to handle halyards, sheets, and anchor or mooring lines. To wind in and store the line, the fundamental machinery comprises of a spool or winch drum.

Used Buoy

A buoy is a floating item that is anchored in a specific spot to advise or warn mariners, identify the positions of underwater objects, or moor vessels instead of anchoring.

Used Floats

A Floats (also known as pontoons) are airtight hollow constructions that produce buoyancy in water, comparable to pressure vessels. Watercraft hulls, aircraft floats, floating piers, pontoon rhinos, pontoon causeways, and marine engineering applications such as salvage are among their most common uses.

Used Docks

A floating dock is a device in body of water located between or adjacent to one or more human-made structures used to handle boats or ships, or such structures themselves. Find the right used equipment and machinery from Popular manufacturers available for sale on which includes Degra, Paccar, Allied, Caterpillar, Electric, Lift etc from vendors like Bobby Johnson Equipment Co, Madisa, Yancey Bros, Holt CAT etc.

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