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About Chip Harvester

Chipping equipment is used to process woodchips, which are small to medium-sized bits of wood generated by chipping bigger pieces of wood such as trees, branches, logging residues, stumps, and roots, as well as to process scrap lumber, clean up after a storm, and make professional mulch. Browse different Chipping Equipment on IronList from various categories

Used Wood Chippers for sale

Wood chippers are machines that chop and shred tree branches, limbs, and trunks of moderate size into mulch or wood chips. Typically, these machines have a large broad chute where the operator inserts raw tree parts and a smaller chute where the mulch exits on the opposite end. These machines are primarily driven by diesel engines, come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, and can be found in a variety of settings ranging from tiny landscaping businesses to enormous lumber mills.

Used Logging Harvesters for sale

Harvesters are primarily used in cut-to-length logging operations, including tree felling, delimbing, and bucking. A harvester, forwarder, and self-loading trucks are all part of the basic cut-to-length logging system.

Find the right logging equipment Popular manufacturers of used self-propelled and towable and wood chippers available for sale on include Altec, Bandit, Morbark, Peterson Pacific, Vermeer, and Wallenstein.

Clearing Equipment

One can dislodge and remove hard vegetation, grade and level ground for construction, or dig and prepare soil for farming or agriculture operations with the correct land clearance or forest clearing equipment. For best productivity, you can use these tools to rapidly and easily remove trees, brush, and rock.

Used Horizontal Grinders for sale

A horizontal grinder is a special manufactured clean-up equipment used by forestry crews or mill yards. Horizontal grinders, like tub grinders, can handle bark, brush, leaves, and logs, as well as site materials, construction wood, green waste, asphalt shingles, storm and natural catastrophe debris, and more. Horizontal grinders are used to recycle materials that are turned into reusable goods, such as mulch or fuel, in addition to reducing waste materials for removal.

Used Tub Grinders for sale

Tub Grinders are used in forestry and logging industries to break down organic waste like stumps, logs, and brush into useable materials like mulch, rather of carting it to a landfill or incinerating it. They got their name from the form of its infeed hopper, which is a big round tub with a diameter of 10 to 14 feet (3 to 4.25 metres) and a depth of 6 feet (1.8 metres), however smaller types are occasionally available.

Used Mulcher for sale

Forestry mulching is a land clearing technique that involves cutting, grinding, and clearing plants with a single machine. A forestry mulching machine, also known as a forestry mulcher, forest masticator, or brushcutter, shreds plants using a rotary drum with steel chipping tools or blades.

Used Stump Grinders for sale

A stump grinder, sometimes known as a "stump cutter," is an equipment used in forestry and landscaping to remove tree stumps from the ground after the trunk has been removed. A stump grinder grinds or saws the stump into small bits or pieces using a spinning disc with sharp metal teeth.

Used Brush Cutters for sale

Forestry Brush Cutters can quickly trim trees and shrubs to ground level while causing minimal root disruption. Brush cutters are designed to cut and treat plants in one operation, saving time and energy. The shredded material decomposes quickly into a biodegradable mulch that can assist decrease erosion while also providing nutrients and fertility to the soil.

Find the right logging equipment Popular manufacturers of used forestry grinders available for sale on include Fecon, Rayco, Hako, Bandit, Morbark, Vermeer etc from vendors like Ag-Pro Companies, FMI Equipment, Red Pine Equipment, Company Wrench etc.