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Cws D155-blade Crawler Tractor Rake

Price on Request


Williston, North Dakota, United States

6,816 mi away

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About Crawler Tractor Rake

Used Crawler Tractor Drawbar

Typically, a Crawler Tractor drawbar attachment is a heavy bar, sometimes made of steel, mounted to the back of a tractor and used as a hitch for pulling machines such as a plough or a mower. A drawbar is a piece of machinery that acts as a link between an engine and the weight it is pulling. Drawbars do not convey the cargo's weight to the engine; rather, they serve as a point of attachment for hooking a load onto a trailer, truck, tractor, or other comparable engine.

Used Crawler Tractor Rake

The Crawler Tractor Rakes attachment can be used to remove stones, roots, debris, and leaves, as well as to spread topsoil fast and uniformly, grade, level, pulverise, and mulch, to mention a few applications. A three-point hitch is the most typical method of attaching to the back of a tractor.

Used Crawler Tractor Ripper

A Crawler Tractor Ripper attachment is a long, claw-like shank that may be put on the back of a bulldozer individually or in multiples to release hard and impacted materials. For heavy ripping, a single shank is usually used.

Used Crawler Tractor Winch Attachment

When it comes to building roads, the first step is to clear the construction site of soil. Topsoil is highly damp and contains a large quantity of organic matter. A dozer with a CAT winches attachment removing unneeded dirt to lay the road's foundation is obvious to detect. Crawler dozer winch attachments are highly advised for their excellent grip on the ground, and construction professionals utilise them to complete any type of work on any terrain with ease.

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