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About Excavator Long Reach Attachment

Browse different types of Excavator attachments on Ironlist such as

Used Excavators Bucket Attachments

Excavator buckets are digging attachments that attach to an excavator's arm and include teeth. The buckets are operated by controls in the excavator's cabin by the excavator's operator. Depending on where the digging needs to be done, different types of excavator buckets are employed. Buckets on excavators can also be used to move dirt or load dump trucks for transport to dumping locations. Excavators are employed in traditional trenching procedures for laying pipelines as well as digging trial pits for geotechnical investigations.

Used Excavator Blade Attachment

The Chuck Blade keeps you productive while you're working with moist, sticky soil that wants to pack tight rather than dump clean. The clumping soil is readily handled by the wide edge and side wall design, which empties quickly. On steep slopes, the tilting feature allows for precise 90-degree grading.

Used Excavator Grapple Attachment

The Excavator Grapple Attachment is a useful accessory for moving items around. They're employed in a variety of industries, including construction, scrap and garbage management, rail construction, demolition, and forestry. They come in a range of shapes, sizes, and brands to provide a feature for attaching material handling equipment to. The high-tensile, low-wear gripping pads easily crush and load trash and building materials.

Used Excavator Crusher Bucket for sale

A jaw crusher bucket, sometimes known as a crusher bucket, is a type of jaw crusher. It's an excavator attachment with built-in crusher for building trash and demolition debris. It is shaped like a shovel and has a back opening for expelling the shredded material.

Used Excavator Hydraulic Hammer Attachment

Hydraulic hammers/breakers are critical pieces of construction equipment attachments. They are utilised in the construction industry for both construction and demolition. They can be used in construction to dig holes, break up rock, or break up earth to make digging a hole easier. A breaker is a powerful pounding hammer mounted on an excavator that is used to smash solid constructions. It is powered by the excavator's auxiliary hydraulic system, which has a foot-operated valve for this purpose.

Used Excavator Plate Compactors for sale

Excavator hydraulic plate compactor attachments are made for trenching, ground levelling, embankment construction, driving in and taking out posts, sheet piling, and another formwork.

Used Excavator Long Reach Attachment for sale

Excavator Long Reach Boom is a special-purpose attachment for digging and dredging deep and long distances in sand and gravel pits, slope formation, settling banks, cleaning ponds/waterways, and other applications.

Used Excavator Rake Attachment for sale

For use in forestry and road construction, the Excavator Brush Rake attachment is designed to easily remove and pile brush, roots, and stumps without retaining soil.

Used Excavator Ripper Attachment for sale

Rippers are an excavator attachment that may be used to break up hard surfaces and soils, as well as rocks and challenging locations that can't be broken up with an excavator bucket.

Used Excavator Screening Bucket Attachment for sale

Before and after the crushing phase, screening buckets are used for primary selection, screening, and separation of natural materials. Screening buckets are versatile instruments that can be used to separate items including top soil, demolition and construction trash, turf, roots, and compost.

Used Excavator Thumb Attachments for sale

A hydraulic thumb for excavators and backhoes is used by construction and demolition professionals to facilitate numerous heavy lifting and moving jobs. The hydraulic thumb is a multipurpose accessory that can pick up heavy things with accuracy, such as large rocks, garbage, trees, and logs.

Used Excavator Stick Attachment for sale

The stick attachment is attached to the boom's end (or dipper arm). The digging movement required to pull the bucket through the earth is provided by the stick. Depending on whether reach (longer stick) or break-out strength (shorter stick) is necessary, the stick length can be changed.

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