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Used Facing Machine For Sale

Lifting lengthy pipe, transporting them into position, and laying them down to be connected together in trenches is the specialty of pipelayers. The oil and natural gas businesses utilise them to build pipes, and governments, construction companies, and other entities use them for sewer and storm drainage. Heavy-duty variants can lift up to 100 tonnes and are capable of handling steel, concrete, PVC, and other types of pipes with diameters of 27 inches (686 millimetres) or more.

A stable excavator, crawler tractor, or dozer is usually used by pipelayers. (When not installing pipes, some even have a dozer blade or can be turned back into an excavator.) To raise and put the pipes, a pipelayer package includes a boom and counterweights, as well as a powerful winch and cables. "Sideboom" models are pipelaying machines with a boom reaching out to one side and an extended counterweight assembly on the other.

Used Mud Pumps for sale

A mud pump (also known as a mud drilling pump or drilling mud pump) is a reciprocating piston/plunger pump that circulates drilling fluid at high pressure (up to 7,500 psi or 52,000 kPa) down the drill string and up the annulus.

Used Pipe Bedding Machine for sale

In the context of trenchless technology, a Pipe Bedding Machine uses bedding material deposited beneath a pipe to support it against the top and nearby soil load. Proper, graded bedding materials must be compacted and laid all along the trench to evenly distribute the load and prevent pipe collapse.

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