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Sakai Sv200tf 48 Hand Held Compactor

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Acheson, Alberta, Canada

7,157 mi away

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About Hand Held Compactor


Soil and asphalt compactors compress soil, asphalt, crushed aggregates or landfill trash. These machines range from small walk-behind or pull-utility rollers, rammer compactors, plate compactors, and machine mounted hydraulic compactors to large, driven, roller vehicles. Browse various compactors like:

Used Jumping jack

The Jumping Jack Compactor, likely known as rammer or jumping jack tamper, which is a machine utilized for compacting ground. It applies sequential effects on the ground to even out the lopsided or uneven surface in return expanding the dry thickness of the dirt by removing water and air from soil.

Used Plate Compactor

A plate compactor is utilized to compress a few sorts of soil and rock for construction and development projects that require a stable subsurface. Plate compactors come in various range and with various extra attachments as per project requirements.

Used Rollers

A road roller (sometimes called a roller-compactor, or just roller) is a compactor-type engineering vehicle used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations. Road rollers are frequently referred to as steamrollers, regardless of their method of propulsion.

Used Tandem Rollers

The tandem compactor roller or twofold drum roller, has one steel drum toward the front and one toward the back. As the two drums rotates, this moves the roller. These rollers are incredible for levelled or flat surfaces like asphalt, aggregate and concrete.

Used Tandem Vibratory Roller

Tandem vibratory rollers are utilized essentially to compress paving materials, for example, asphalt blends and roller-compacted concrete. Present day machines include two steel drums that vibrate through an inner system, which regularly can be acclimated to differ the recurrence and amplitude of the vibratory activity. Present day models accompany a 1.7 metric ton utility roller with 900 mm (35“) couple vibratory drums and weigh between 1680 kg and 9250 kg.

Used Trench roller

A trench compactor), also known as a trench roller, is a piece of light equipment used to compact the soil in a narrow space such as a trench. It is usually powered by a gasoline or diesel engine. As the trenches are narrow because utility lines are often buried underground. After an excavator or trencher digs the trench, and the utilities are laid, dirt is backfilled into the trench and then compacted to ensure it doesn’t settle over time.

Used Vibratory Padfoot Compactor

The Vibratory padfoot compactors or rollers are vibratory compacting machines utilized generally for soil and aggregate compaction. The rollers have metal drums with hauls, or feet, appended. As the compactor gets across the area to be compacted, the drums vibrate upward making the material settle for a firm surface, the strain applied by the feet is most prominent when they are opposite to the surface. Feet come in different sizes to be matched to the kind of soil and compaction prerequisites.

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