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Agriculture & Farm

2020 Macdon Fd135 Mower Conditioner Header

Mower Conditioner Header

Auction Date : Oct 10, 2022

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers


Coderre, Saskatchewan, Canada

6,923 mi away

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About Mower Conditioner Header

With multiple benefits of Hay & Forages in on agriculture farms from livestock feed, cover corps, to conservation of soils and many more makes Agriculture Hay & Forage Equipment a really important piece of apparatus. Browse different Agriculture Hay & Forage Equipment such as

Used Balers

A baler is a piece of homestead apparatus used to pack a cut and raked crop, into conservative parcels that are not difficult to deal with, transport, and store. Often balers are designed to dry and save the hay packaged. Various sorts of balers are regularly utilized, each creating an alternate kind of bunch - rectangular or barrel shaped, of different sizes, bound with twine, lashing, netting, or wire.

Used Bale Wagon

A Bale Wagon can be utilized for much more than simply conveying roughage or hay. Moving large items, reaping and transport are a few different ways you can utilize your Bale wagon.

Used Bale Wrapper

A Bale Wrapper is a homestead carry out for enclosing bundles by plastic, for them to transform into silage. There are various types of balers and in line and turntable bale wrapper

Used Disc Mower

Disc Mowers are quick and proficient at cutting hay and scrounge crops for collect and are accessible in a wide scope of cutting widths and strength necessities.

Used Forage Harvesters

A forage harvester otherwise called a silage harvester, forager or chopper is a homestead piece equipment that harvests forage plants to make silage. Silage is grass, corn or feed, which has been cut into little pieces, and compacted together in a storage silo, silage sacks. It is then matured to give feed to domesticated animals.

Used Hay Rakes

A hay rakes hay into windrows which are lines of hay that can be more easily picked up by a baler. It is a common misconception that hay can be baled directly from the swath created by the hay mower.

Used Mower Conditioner

A conditioner (or hay conditioner) is a ranch execute that creases and smashes recently slice hay or roughage. Drying the feed productively is generally significant for first cutting of the feed crop, which comprises of coarse stalks that require some time to draw out dampness than better finished roughages.

Used Silage Wagons

A silage wagon do the errand of cutting and harvesting of lawn into one pass, consequently lessening hardware and work necessities - explicitly in trucking silage from the field to the clamp. Find the right equipment and trailers for your agriculture needs from different manufactures like John Deere, New Holland, Claas, Kuhn, Vermeer etc. and different vendors like Robins Farm Equipment, SS Equipment, Titan Machinery, Arnolds, Zimmer Tractors, Agro-Pro Companies etc.