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About Powerboat

Used Boats for sale

A boat is a vessel that is built to float on water and can be used for transportation, recreation, sports, fishing, military purposes, and rescue missions. Humans have used boats since the dawn of civilization, when they were basically rafts constructed of wood and reeds stitched together.

Used Cabin Cruisers for sale

A cabin cruiser is a type of motor boat that accommodates its crew and passengers within the craft's framework. Cabin cruisers typically range in length from 7.6 to 13.7 metres, with bigger leisure ships being classified as yachts.

Used Houseboats for sale

A houseboat is a boat that has been specifically designed or converted to be used as a residence. Because they are normally anchored, kept immobile at a set position, and frequently linked to land to provide services, some houseboats are not propelled. Many, on the other hand, are capable of operating on their own.

Used Jetboats for sale

A jetboat is a boat that is powered by a water jet ejected from the craft's back. A jetboat, unlike a powerboat or motorboat, does not employ an external propeller in the water below or behind the boat.

Used Sailboats for sale

A sailboat, also known as a sailing boat, is a smaller version of a sailing ship that is powered partially or fully by sails. The definitions of a sailing boat and ship differ depending on the locale and nautical culture. Used Jet Ski for sale A Jet Ski is a small machine, similar to a motorcycle, that travels on the water's surface and is powered by a jet engine.

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