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Agriculture & Farm

2019 Other 3pt 50 Sprayer


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Bingham Equipment


Tucson, Arizona, United States

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About Sprayer

In general, applicator range in scale from a sprayer canister or back-mounted gadget to a huge, self-moved supplication intended to work with a fair size farm hauler. They are utilized to apply different kinds of synthetics, including compost, pesticides, and herbicides, to assist plants with developing as well as safeguard them from other factors. Browse Different Agriculture applicators such as

Used Fertilizer Applicators

Fertilizer Applicators, or spreaders, are utilized to spread dry, granular supplements onto fields. Plants consume supplements in the dirt. Applying compost renews the supplements lost when yields are gathered.

Used Floaters

Floaters are self-operated applicators that can apply fluid as well as dry yield care items at high speeds with insignificant soil compaction on account of their huge, wide flotation tires. Used Liquid Manure Spreaders Spreaders need to be able to apply manure uniformly, effectively, and consistently from load to load and over time that is why Liquid manure spreader systems that apply manure to the soil surface. Liquid manure systems inject manure into the soil, below the surface to maintain its properties and quality

Used Sprayer

A Sprayer is a gadget used to shower a fluid, where sprayers are normally utilized for projection of water, weed killers, crop execution materials as well as assembling and production line fixings. In agribusiness, a sprayer is a piece of equipment that is utilized to apply herbicides, pesticides, and manures on harvests.

Used Spreader Trucks

Spreader Trucks offer the absolute most proficient and convenient spreading, low effect and harmless moving, and pinpoint exact inclusion in the business. Every Spreader Truck is furnished with GPS to guarantee that there will be no covers or missed regions over the application interaction, saving you time and assets.

Used Manure Injectors

Manure injectors are gadgets used to apply water-dissolvable composts, pesticides, plant growth controllers, wetting agents and mineral acids during crop creation. They are also an essential piece for greenhouse or nursery activities. Find the right equipment and trailers for your agriculture needs from different manufactures like John Deere, Amazone, Case IH, Kuhn, Hardi etc. and different vendors like Rocky Mountain Equipment, Machinery Pete, Keast Enterprises, Agro-Pro Companies, E-Farm Gmbh etc.