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Aggregate, Asphalt & Concrete

36 In Spreader Box

Spreader Box

Auction Date : Sep 22, 2022

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

5,393 mi away

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About Spreader Box

With construction and infrastructure industry growing globally Asphalt paving equipment and machines demand will also increase as it is best option for residential and commercial use because of its convenience in repairs and composition. Browse different types of Used Asphalt Paving Equipment like

Used Asphalt Paver

An asphalt paver otherwise called asphalt paving machine spreads the asphalt material and compositions on a street or parking area and afterwards compacts it. There are different parts of an asphalt paver, tires, tracks. The vehicle moves the paver forward, while the feeder push the asphalt to the back. Purchasing a used asphalt paver is a proficient option in contrast to renting it or purchasing new.

Used Material Transfer Unit

Material Transfer vehicles (MTVs) aka material transfer unit are utilized to help the paver in handling heated asphalt. Most pavers are prepared to get HMA straightforwardly from end dump or live bottom trucks, but in specific circumstances it very well may be important or invaluable to utilize a MTV as it permits the paver to work consistently ceaselessly, limits truck holding up time at the clearing site and may limit aggregate separation and temperature differences.

Chip Spreader

A chip spreader primary usage is to disperse the chipping substance or material over asphalt or concrete layers uniformly for road restoration and maintenance as it fills the small gaps between and hold heavy load and harsh weather situations. It is believed to be less costly than asphalt overlay.

Used Asphalt Patcher

Asphalt Patcher usage and application is quite straightforward for filling breaks, potholes and separation points on the roads and highways. The sealant is normally produced using versatile fixings including screened aggregate, tar and asphalt binders.

Used Asphalt Sealer

There are two methods for applying sealer to asphalt. To begin with, you can utilize a wiper, a sealer brush or a broom. This is prudent for house driveways and in case, you own a sealing business then Asphalt sealer or sealcoating machine is very valuable piece of equipment as it saves time, money and is convenient for novice users.

Used Shuttle Buggy

The shuttle buggy material transfer is manufactured to move the hot mix asphalt truck and paver it not only removes the temperature and segregation problems but also allows smooth paving of roads and streets as it comes with more capacity. The main advantage of this heavy equipment is it handles the problem of filling of asphalt.

Used Windrow Elevator

Windrow Elevator gives a ceaseless progression of material that blends asphalt not long prior to entering the container disposing of isolation and guaranteeing a uniform blend temperature.

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