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hydrocarbon, power & utility

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Hydrocarbon, Power & Utility

2013 Ditch Witch Fx25 Vacuum Trucks (misc)

Vacuum Trucks (Misc)

Auction Date : Sep 08, 2022

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers


Atlanta, Georgia, United States

5,870 mi away

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About Vacuum Trucks (Misc)

The most common industrial vacuum trucks are combination sewer cleaning machines, which are utilised by every municipality, public works department, and many contractors. Hydro excavation, sewer sanitary line cleaning, catch basin and storm drain cleaning, and containment pit maintenance are all common uses for these devices. Browse Different Vacuum Trucks on IronList

Used Sewage Trucks

Sewage trucks discharge septage from cesspits, septic tanks, pit latrines, and communal latrines, as well as for street clean-up, sewer clean-out, and individual septic systems. The trucks are used to clean pumping stations for sanitary sewers and portable toilets are also emptied by vacuum sewage trucks. Sewage trucks are used in commercial aviation to collect waste from plane restrooms.

Used Hydrovac Trucks

A hydrovac, also known as a hydrovac truck, is a piece of equipment that uses high-pressure water to cut and liquefy soil while simultaneously sucking the soil out of the excavation using a high-volume vacuum.

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