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About Yarder

Processing and harvesting are the workhorses of any forestry operation, whether it's clear-cutting or thinning. One of these incredible machines can cut down a tree, delimb it, and buck it to transportable lengths in a matter of seconds. The harvester head at the end of the machine's hydraulic boom, which can reach 30 feet (9 metres) or more to grip, cut, and process the tree, is critical to this procedure. Delimbing knives, saws, and feed rollers are the most common components of harvester heads, albeit they vary.

Used Harvesters for sale

A harvester is a heavy forestry equipment used for cutting, delimbing, and bucking trees in cut-to-length logging operations. Typically, a forest harvester is paired with a forwarder who transports the logs to a roadside landing. Used Processors for sale Processors are forestry machines that are used to delimb and buck felled trees in the forest. They are meant to chop logs from complete trees at the roadside log landing or close off-road. The advantages of having log processors include minimising the need for workers to use chainsaws to fell trees.

Used Feller Buncher for sale

A feller buncher is an automatic machine that chops down trees with a cutting head that can hold and cut tree stems before stacking them for pickup and transportation. Since the late 1960s, they've been around. Forwarders, grapplers, and skidders are all widely employed with Feller bunchers. Feller bunchers are available in both track and wheeled types, and are also distinguished by the type of cutting head they employ, which includes shears, disc saws, and chain saws.

Used Yarders for sale

Yarders are machines that transport logs from the bottom of a slope, mountain, or ravine to a loading and transport location. Previously, someone had to manually join chains to logs before sending them up. Yarders now use a tower with a series of cables, drums, and a grapple to catch logs and bring them up to a flat landing spot where they can be delimbed and loaded onto trucks after they've been chopped and piled. "Cable logging" or "skyline logging" are terms used to describe the complete procedure.

Used Delimbers for sale

A delimber is a tree-trimming machine that removes branches from tree trunks. The delimber is a vital instrument in the forestry and logging industries, born out of a desire for a more efficient and safe manner to get the work done. Delimbers include Pull-Through, Gate, Slideboom, Stroke, and Flail. Hydraulic excavators usually have them installed on the head. Used Log Loaders The log loader, which is a need in the forestry business, is used to sort and stack logs as well as load them for transport. There are a variety of loaders available, including knuckleboom loaders, truck-mounted loaders, and wheel loaders. Knuckleboom loaders are hydraulically driven and have a swing arm.

Used Slashers for sale

Slashers, also known as or ground saws, are used to chop one or more delimbed logs so that they may be transported conveniently by logging trucks. Logs are put in the saw's steel-framed cradle, where a circular blade, chain, or bar saw emerges from the saw box to cut the wood. Many slasher saws are fixed and sit directly on the ground, but there are mobile variants with built-in wheels or that can be towed to and from work sites on a trailer. Optional add-ons and bespoke configurations, such as extended folding or stacking chassis, reversed saw boxes, and more, are usually available from manufacturers. Find the right forestry equipment Popular manufacturers of used harvester and processors available for sale on includes John Deere, Caterpillar, Claas, Komatsu, Tigercat, Ponsse, Timberjack etc from vendors like Carter Machinery, E-Farm Gmbh, Red Pine Equipment, Company Wrench, Machinery Trader etc.